Town Planning – Design Stage


Information that will assist you to obtain the relevant statutory permits and ensure your home is designed exactly to fit your needs. A high quality design is an important ingredient to achieving the best possible lifestyle outcome. This checklist is too important not to purchase.



Information that will assist you with the town planning and design stage of your project. Building a home is a substantial financial outlay. It makes sense to thoroughly examine all areas related to the town planning and design stage of your project. The checklist will guide you through the many important factors that need to be attended to in regards to town planning and design.

Before building your dream home or investment property this checklist is a must download. An example of the information that is brought to your attention is the following;
Develop a general concept plan based on site constraints, local planning policies and neighbourhood analysis. Draft a detailed design that meets the planning scheme controls and responds to neighbours’ sensitivities and council expectations.
Use an experienced architect/building designer to ensure floor plan is functional and window openings are the correct size and positioned correctly to take advantage of natural light.

Quality information can save property owners much time money and stress. Thoroughly planning all aspects of the town planning and design stage should be considered essential as in the long run it will lead to a better building outcome.

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