Tenant – Retail Property


Information that will assist retail tenants at every step of the leasing process. From making sure your application is successful to maintenance matters to ensuring the terms of the lease agreement are fair and balanced. This is your most important business checklist.



Information that will assist retail property tenants to find the best possible rental property. There are many factors to be considered when leasing a retail property. The leasing a property retail checklist will guide you through the many important tasks that need to be carried out when sourcing and applying for a retail commercial rental property.

The retail property checklist makes tenants aware of important considerations such as;
Check the property zoning and the proposed use of the property are allowed. Engage with the local government planning department or a private building surveyor to assist with any permits or letters required. Who is responsible for paying outgoings, such as municipal rates and levies, water rates and levies, water usage, insurances – public liability, plate glass or reimbursement of landlord and building insurances? Are there service contracts in place for all essential safety measures compliance?

Quality information can save retail property tenants much time, money and stress. Understanding the process will ensure you have the best possible chance of being the successful applicant.

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