Tenant – Residential Property


Information that will assist residential tenants at every step of the renting process. From making sure your application is successful to maintenance matters to ensuring the terms of the lease agreement are fair. It is important that the playing field is level.



Information that will assist residential property tenants to find the best possible rental property with the fairest possible terms.There are many factors to be considered when renting a property.
The tenant-renting a property checklist will guide you through the many important tasks that need to be carried out when sourcing and applying for a residential rental property.

The checklist will make you aware of important considerations such as what documentation is required, scheduling and attending open for inspections, understanding lease terms and attending to maintenance and repair issues.

Quality information can save tenants much time, money and stress. Understanding the process will ensure you have the best possible chance of being the successful applicant.
It is important that tenants present themselves in the best possible way including having a professional rental application.This will result in becoming the successful applicant and enjoying a stress free tenure.

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