Tenant – Industrial & Office Property


Information that will assist industrial and office tenants obtain a fair and balanced lease agreement. Knowing the right questions to ask will ensure your success.This checklist will save you time, money and headaches.



Information that will assist industrial and office property tenants to find the best possible rental property. There are many factors to be considered when leasing an office or industrial property.The leasing a property industrial and office checklist will guide you through the many important tasks that need to be carried out when sourcing and applying for an industrial or office rental property.

The office and industrial property checklist will make tenants aware of important considerations such as;
Does the proposed lease allow a permitted use for the type of business the tenant intends conducting? Are there limitations that might hinder the tenant future growth and diversity? Request a copy of the lease and a detailed statement of all outgoings payable by the tenant under the terms of the lease. Under the terms of the lease who is responsible for the costs of maintenance, repairs and improvements?

Quality information can save industrial and office tenants much time, money and stress. Understanding the process will ensure you have the best possible chance of being the successful applicant.

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