Selling Residential Property


Do you want to achieve the best possible price when selling your property? From property presentation, to agent selection to effective marketing. High quality information that will put many extra thousands in your pocket. A must for all property sellers!



Information that will assist property owners to achieve the best possible price when selling their property. There are many factors to be considered when selling property. The selling property checklist will guide you through the important variables that will result in you achieving the maximum possible price.

The checklist covers areas such as preparing your property for sale, agent selection, tips on effective marketing and choosing the best method of sale.
Quality information can add many extra thousands of dollars onto the selling price as well as saving time and reducing stress. A low quality sales marketing campaign will not only cost the property owner a substantial amount of money it will also result in a longer selling process.

You only get one opportunity to sell your hard earned property. The selling residential property checklist will make sure you get the process right and achieve the highest price possible.

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