Selling Negotiation – Video


An instructional video that will show you how to negotiate the highest possible price when selling your property. Tips are also given on how to obtain the best performance from your selling agent. Sure to add many thousands to your sale.



An instructional video that will assist property sellers negotiate the highest possible price with the best terms and conditions. The video covers both selling using the auction and private sale methods.

Selling property is a hugely important event. It is the most significant financial transaction a person will be involved in.

The video guides sellers on how to undertake research so their property is not under sold, when to withdraw from a negotiation and most important, having a pre-planned strategy that will lead to the best possible outcome. There are many variables that sellers need to contend with.

Created by renowned buyer’s advocate Peter Rogozik. Peter has over thirty years’ experience in property negotiations both as a buyer and seller. He has a proven track record of obtaining the best outcomes for his clients. The video includes role plays that will demonstrate to sellers how to ensure their agent’s performance is high quality.

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