Private Sale Negotiation – Video


An instructional video that will show you how to negotiate the lowest price in a private sale (set price) situation. Buyer’s advocate Peter Rogozik has over 30 years of negotiation experience. Buy this video and save many thousands of dollars!



An instructional video that will assist property buyers negotiate the lowest possible price with the best terms in a private sale negotiation. Buying property via a private sale negotiation is a hugely important purchase. It is the most significant financial outlay a person will be involved in.

From knowing how many offers to make to providing insights as to how much an offer should be, to having a pre-planned strategy that will counter the selling agent’s advantage in experience. There are many variables that buyers need to contend with.

Created by buyer’s advocate Peter Rogozik, Peter has over thirty years’ experience in property negotiations as a buyer. He has a proven track record of buying properties for the lowest possible price in private sale negotiation. The video includes role plays that will demonstrate to buyers how best to interact with a selling agent.

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