Moving House


This checklist informs you of the many tasks you need to perform when moving house. The information includes organisations you need to contact. Moving house is one of the stressful tasks you will ever perform. Treat yourself to some instant calmness.


Information about all aspects of moving house. When moving house there are many organisations to contact. Moving house can be one of the most stressful chores undertaken. Having a complete checklist will make sure that your move is as stress free and time efficient as possible.

Forgetting to contact important service providers can prove to be costly and stressful. The moving house checklist will cover your bases.

Attempting a house move without proper planning can often result in disruption. Your Property Checklists provides a list of actions that should be carried out when moving house. Whether you are moving into a rental property or a new home, a moving house checklist will make this event more likely to be a good experience. From contacting motoring service providers to health care practitioners to utility companies, much is covered in this checklist.

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