Landlord – Residential Property


Quality information that will assist residential landlords at every stage of the renting process. From engaging a competent property manager to getting the documentation right to obtaining a quality tenant. Eliminate the stress and download now!



Information that will assist landlords of residential property find the best possible property manager and tenant. There are many factors to be considered when renting out your property. The renting out a property checklist will guide landlords through the many important factors that need to be assessed before a quality property manager is appointed.

The checklist will also make landlords aware of other important considerations such as how to market the property so that a quality tenant is found, how to achieve the best outcome in regards to maintenance issues and tips on making sure the paperwork is correct.

Quality information can save landlords much time, money and stress. Employing the wrong property manager can reduce the value of your asset and jeopardise your income flow. It is important that landlords employ the very best property manager. This will safeguard the substantial outlay of money that was required to purchase the asset.

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