Landlord – Commercial Property


Information that will assist retail, industrial and office landlords at every stage of the leasing process. From engaging a competent property manager to getting the documentation right to obtaining a quality tenant. Maximise your return by purchasing this quality document.



Information that will assist commercial property landlords find the best possible property manager and tenant. There are many factors to be considered when leasing out your commercial property. The landlord commercial property checklist will guide landlords through the many important factors that need to be assessed in order to appoint a quality commercial property manager.

The following are some of the important questions raised by the landlord commercial property checklist;
How many years of experience does the agency have in management of commercial property? How will the agency check potential tenants? Do they use a database to check the credentials of the tenant? Do they complete company and other searches and credit checks?

Quality information can save commercial property landlords much time, money and stress. Employing the wrong commercial property manager can reduce the value of your asset and jeopardise your income flow. It is important that commercial property landlords employ the very best property manager. This will safeguard the substantial outlay of money that was required to purchase the asset.

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