Depreciation for Investment Property


A checklist that informs property investors of the fundamentals of tax depreciation deductions. Legitimate depreciation deductions will save you thousands of dollars. The time has come to take the mystic out of depreciation.



Information that will assist property investors claim the maximum possible tax depreciation deductions. There are many tax deductions available to investors. The tax depreciation deductions for investment property checklist will make investors aware of the important considerations regarding depreciation.

The following questions are brought to the attention of investors in the property depreciation checklist;

Identify all plant associated with the building e.g. dishwasher, smoke alarm, hot water unit. What are the applicable depreciation rates in your jurisdiction? What qualifications are required to prepare a tax depreciation schedule? Who works out the value of the assets and the different depreciation rates?

Quality information can save property investors much time, money and stress. Not being aware of legitimate tax depreciation deductions will cost property investors money. It is important that property owners understand this very important area of investing. It is time to take the mystic out of property depreciation.

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