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Buyers will be alerted of legal and contractual matters in relation to their property purchase. One of the most important checklists, it covers a wide variety of issues for both house, apartment, and commercial property purchases. Download this checklist and be better informed.



Information that will assist you with all areas related to contract and legal matters when buying property. Buying a property is a substantial financial outlay. It makes sense to thoroughly examine all areas related to the contract and legal issues. The checklist will guide you through the many important factors that need to be attended to in regards to contract and legal matters.

Before buying your dream home or investment property this checklist is a must download. An example of the information that is brought to your attention is the following;
Are there any overlays? Overlays might impose restrictions on what the owner is able to do with the property. Under many contracts of sale properties are usually sold as inspected and in their present condition. Upon signing the contract, the purchaser will be acknowledging that the vendor is under no obligation to carry out any repairs or improvements to the property. Buying at auction usually means the contract is unconditional; e.g. you can’t make the contract subject to finance or a building report.

Quality information can save buyers much time money and stress. Thoroughly examining all aspects of contract and legal matters should be considered essential as in the long run it will lead to a better property selection.

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