Buying Residential Investment Property


A checklist that provides information that will assist you make the very best investment selection. Choosing the highest performing property will put many extra dollars in your pocket. Whether you are an investor or owner occupier, this checklist is a must!



Information that will assist you in making the best possible investment property purchase. Buying investment property is a substantial financial outlay. There are many factors to be considered when buying investment property. The checklist will guide you through the many important variables that need to be assessed before you buy investment property.

Before buying investment property this checklist is a must download. An example of the information that is brought to your attention is the following;
The investment should be in close proximity to sought after amenities e.g. shopping precinct, health care facilities, many and varied employment opportunities, entertainment precincts. Be wary of buying in an area supported by one industry alone, such as mining or agriculture. Buy in a tree lined streetscape with consistent high quality architectural appeal.

Quality information can save property investors much time money and stress. Examining all aspects of your investment property purchase should be considered essential before committing to a substantial outlay of money.

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