Buying Office Property


A five star checklist that provides information to assist you to evaluate important aspects of your office property purchase. Whether it is for your business or as an investment this checklist will make you aware of the important points.



Information that will assist you in making the best possible office property purchase. Buying office property is a substantial financial outlay. There are many factors to be considered when buying office property. This checklist will guide you through the many important factors that need to be assessed before you buy office property.

An example of the information that is brought to your attention is the following;
Office property may be available to purchase with a lease in place or as vacant possession. It is important this is clarified prior to commencing the due diligence process. Check owner’s corporation certificate and request minutes of the past two to three years annual general meetings to pick up on any issues which may impact negatively on a new owner. Check neighbouring properties for current status and potential for future development which may affect the property you are considering.

Quality information can save office property buyers much time money and stress. Examining all aspects of your office property purchase should be considered essential before committing to a substantial outlay of money.

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