Buying an Apartment


A five star checklist that provides information to assist you evaluate your apartment purchase. There are many variables in an apartment purchase. This checklist will help you to identify the good, the bad and the ugly.



Information that will assist you in making the best possible apartment purchase. Buying an apartment is a substantial financial outlay. There are many factors to be considered when buying an apartment. The checklist will guide you through the many important variables that need to be assessed before you buy an apartment.

Before buying your dream apartment this checklist is a must download. An example of the information that is brought to your attention is the following. Personally speak to the owner’s corporation manager about any proposed works and the complex in general. Has a special levy been struck that will be the new owner’s responsibility? Check with your financier regarding minimum floor area requirements.

Quality information can save apartment buyers much time money and stress. Examining all aspects of your apartment purchase should be considered essential before committing to a substantial outlay of money.

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