Adding Value Prior to Sale


Information that will inform you how to add substantial value to your property with minimal outlay. A must checklist for all sellers looking to maximise their selling price or landlords wanting to increase capital value and rental return.



Information that will assist property owners to easily add value to their property. There are many factors to be considered when undertaking a refurbishment project. The adding value prior to sale checklist will guide you through the many important factors that will result in a maximum uplift in price with minimal outlay.

The checklists will be especially useful to the following owners;
Owners who have decided to sell their property Owners wanting to increase rental return or owners who want to increase their equity for borrowing purposes.

Included in the adding value prior to sale checklist is information showing property owners how to improve the four important areas of a home; the front, kitchen, bathroom and garden areas.

Quality information can save property owners much time, money and stress. Undertaking the wrong type of refurbishment can reduce the value of your asset and jeopardise your income flow. It is important that property owners spend their improvement dollar wisely. This will safeguard the substantial outlay of money that was required to purchase the asset.

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