Make informed property decisions

Make informed property decisions


Checklists for your Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind

This could be the most significant outlay and decision you make in your lifetime. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or building, making the right decision is crucial. 

How checklists can help

The checklists provide fundamentals in all areas of real estate and building. Asking the right questions will get you the right results. Accurate information will save you much time, money and stress.

Your property specialists

We are an industry specialist website, collaboratively we offer years of expertise in all facets of real estate and building.The checklists have been developed by a range of leading industry professionals such as buyers’ advocates, accountants and builders.

Buying Property Checklists


Residential & Commercial Property

Buying Property

Selling Property Checklists


Residential & Commercial Property

Selling Property

Building Property Checklists

Building & Renovating

Residential & Commercial Property

Buying Property

Renting Property Checklists


Residential & Commercial Property
Landlord / Tenant

Renting Property

Buying Selling Business Checklists


Buying & Selling

Buying & Selling Businesses

Tax Deductions Checklists

   Owning Property

Residential & Commercial Property

Tax Deductions

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” The buying a house checklist enabled us to ask the agent the right questions. We were confident we had all the knowledge on the day of auction.”